Late Music

Late Music is the 8th album release by the Delta Saxophone Quartet which marks joint 40th anniversary celebrations for the quartet and Late Music York.


Project Flicks started out in 2018 as an opportunity for the quartet to commission and perform four dynamic new scores to accompany a variety of films, some pre-existent and others created for this unique programme.

These films explored the early years (1913) of silent black and white movies, the American response to the ‘cold war’ and its own careless nuclear experiments, through the charming 1950’s streets of Paris via the adventures of a the young boy Pascal and his loyal red balloon, through to the animated lives of an Australian trio of Brian (The budgie), Banksy (The dog) and Hope (the boy).


Bowie,Berlin & Beyond

This latest project by the DSQ follows in the imaginary footsteps of David Bowie and his Berlin Years.

The music here explores and re-visits the period when Bowie experimented with the ambient world of Brian Eno, free improvisation, and the minimalist works of the classical composer, Philip Glass.

This album guides the listener on an inspirational sonic journey, mixing music and soundscapes from Bowie, Berlin & Beyond.



Crimson draws its inspiration from the work of the UK progressive rock band King Crimson. It follows on from the Delta Saxophone Quartet's Internationally acclaimed CD, Dedicated to you but you weren't listening that reinterpreted the music of the Soft Machine.

Dedicated to you

Music of Soft Machine revamped and revisited through imaginative arrangements and the inspirational playing of the Delta Saxophone Quartet. "May be the most revelational... and revolutionary look at a legendary British group. (Soft Machine)" John Kelman, All About Jazz

Uneasy Dreams

An art house DVD from the Delta Saxophone Quartet with music by Finnissy, Searby, Goss, Barry & Ewers. Films directed by Frank Millward, audio mixed and mastered by John Winfield. DVD includes interviews with composers and performers.